Whey Protein

Whey protein

Whey Protein is pure, natural , high quality protein from cow's milk. it is a rich source of the amino acid needed on a daily basis by body. IT can use for increase lean body mass/muscle size and building blocks for healthy

SciVation- Whey Protein (5lbs/10lbs)---------(RM180/RM290)
High Quality Aspartame Free Whey That Tastes Great!
SciVation Whey Protein Features:
1. Loaded with BCAA and Glutamine to help build lean muscle
2. Perfect for high protein diets
3. Fast acting-ideal for pre and post workout use
4. Tastes delicious and mixes easily
5. Aspartame free
6. Low priced, won't break the bank!
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BSN- Syntha-6 (5lbs)---(RM205)
Lean Muscle!
An Ultra-Premium Sustained Release Protein Powder!
1. Doesn't leave you feeling bloated or stuffed, great for several-times-daily use
2. Multi-Functional A.M - P.M. Protein Blend: ultra-premium quality proteins + 
digestive enzymes
3. Packed with BCAAs (fornitrogen balance), Glutamine Peptides (recovery,
immune system), MCTs ( fast energy)
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Gaspari Nutrition -  Myofusion Hydro (5lbs)-------(RM205)

Neversion  of Myofusion!
Cross-Flow Cold Process / Microfiltered Whey Protein Concentrate and
isolate, Egg Albumen, Milk Protein Isolate and Whey Hydrolysate
and Maximum Amino Acid Levels In The Bloodstream
NO  Sugar Added, Aspartame Free
Incredible Long-Term Taste Satisfaction

Muscle-Tech - Nitro-Tech - (4 lbs) - (RM220.00)

One of the HOTTEST PRODUCT in the current market
Product features:
1.A gain of 73% more lean muscle that whey protein users
2. Gains of 143$ More Muscle Strength than Using Whey Protein
3. Scientifically Shown to Be Dramatically Superior to Whey Protein
4. Delivers 11 grams of Leucine and 13 grams of Additional BCAAs with Every Maxed-Out Daily Dose
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Nutrex - Muscle Infusion Black (5 lbs)---(RM 210)
From the UNDERGROUND comes our meanest, most powerful,
monstrous lean muscle generating protein to ever surface:
Muscle Infusion Black.
This daring formula is a unique blend of seven multi-functional protein
fractions. This powerful protein blend is fast-acting yet long-lasting.
It triggers a quick anabolic onslaught followed by sustained muscle-building
Product Features:
1. Multi-layered 7-phase protein blend for fast-acting yet sustained effects.*
2. Very low in carbs and fats. Ideal for lean muscle growth.*
3. Contains special protein and lactose digestion enzymes to assist in absorbing
the massive amounts of protein required to get big.*
4. Fortified critical vitamins and minerals
5. Does not contain added fillers such as maltodextrin, fructose,
oils or other useless and waist-expanding fillers.
6. Mixes quickly with a spoon and easy to digest.
7. Tastes absolutely delicious and is aspartame free.
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Dymatize - Elite Whey Protein Isolate (5 lbs)-----(RM190)
Whey Protein!
This Low Cost, Low Carb Protein is Perfect
For Carb Watchers!
Great Protein, Awesome Price..
Great Tasting Without Compromises
A Product You Need At A Price You Can Live With
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Muscle-Tech -Nitro Isolate 65 Pro Series (2 lbs)---RM 190
Build Lean Muscle & Support Muscle Recovery
Nitro Isolate 65 Pro Series is 100% Whey Protein Isolate with 65g of protein, 11g 
of anabolic leucine, 20g of BCAA's and 12g of glutamine per serving. 
This protein is designed to be super-fast acting to be taken when you need it
most, post-training. This protein is fast absorbed enabling you to minimize damage
and maximize your growth potential

Fruit Blast- The Isolate (2 lbs)--------(RM210) 
Looking for ZERO SUGAR, ZERO Cholesterol, ZERO FAT and LOW crab?
HERE YOU ARE! hardly get in the market!
High protein per serving and More serving!

Optimum Nutrition
ON GOLD STANDARD 100% Whey Protein (5lbs/ 10lbs)---(RM170/RM325)
With Faster-Acting HYDROWHEY!
Packed With Whey Protein Isolates And Fast-Acting HYDROWHEY Whey Peptides!
Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolates

Ion-Exchange Whey Protein Isolates

Ultrafiltered Whey Protein Concentrate
HydroWhey Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides

Dymatize - ELITE fusion 7 (5.15 lbs)---(RM200)
7 Protein Blend!
Fuel The Body With High Quality Protein Throughout The Day!*
(Whey Protein Concentrate And Whey Protein Isolate, Complete Milk Protein, Calcium Sodium Caseinate, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate And Egg Albumin, BCAA Blend (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine AndL-Valine), Glutamine Peptides)

Six Star Professional Strength- Whey Protein (2 lbs)----(RM125)proven anabolic protein formula that's scientifically engineered to force massive muscle growth from your very first serving. The Professional Strength Whey Protein formula is built on a foundation of 100% whey protein - the most bioavailable form of protein in the world
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Dorian Yates Nutrition- TEMPRO (3lbs)----- (RM130)Nitrogen Balance!54 Grams Of 
7 Cold Processed Proteins!Nitrogen Balance
Protein Synthesis
Muscle Mass
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